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About Us

Top Point Human Resource Consultant to offer high quality HR consultancy, specialist search, Telecom, business & HR outsourcing services in UAE, US, UK, Canada & Pakistan. Top Point Human Resource Consultancy is dedicated to finding the next generation of professional B2B. We have a team of experienced HR specialists who employ a series of intensive assessment processes to screen and source our candidates. These assessment processes accurately identify candidates who have the right combination of skills, attributes & motivation required to embark on a professional career. Candidates who make it through our assessment processes are matched to meet our client’s Position Description (PD).

Top Point Human Resource Consultant core values include integrity, trust, mutual respect, operation excellence, model leadership, creativity, customer-centric, client-driven, and continuous learning. Top Point Human Resource Consultant offers management-focused solutions by ensuring an optimized workforce for businesses. The prime focus and role of Top Point Human Resource Consultant are to empower and assist its client in creating a workplace that will retain the best-optimized team member to enhance the sustainable success of the organization. Top Point Human Resource Consultant renders its assistance in identifying needs, developing an action plan, and facilitating the change to enhance the success of its client organization.

Our History:

Our Pakistan-based company, SMR Consultant is working on a similar HR model. SMR Consultant (Skill Management & Recruitment) is a workforce of trusted HR professionals with passion and aim to adopt creative and inspirational ways for delivering the best services meeting the expectations of our valued clients. SMR Consultant offers HRM outsourcing and is currently serving many clients in headhunting, onboarding, staffing, recruiting, managing performance, HRM software solutions, managing vendors, and managing payroll since 2019. SMR consultant has made headway to create a local as well as a global network of the highly adept skillful workforce that is intelligent enough to help the organization in achieving its mission, critical projects, and organizational goals.


We aim to be the first choice market leader in human resource enabling services. We desire a well-respected reputation by all in the market.


To improve the performance of our clients by providing expertise in talent acquisition, leadership development, management processes and organizational effectiveness.


Develop and retain a high performing and diverse human resource, Progressive approach, Excellence in methodology and services, Integrity with our commitments, Focus on client preferences, promote fairness, Harnessing technological innovation. Our values reflect who we are, how we offer and what we stand for as a company.


  • Integrity – We interact with honesty and fairness to build up a strong relationship based on trust.
  • Model Leadership – We advocate equitable treatments and leads by example in our behavior and practices.
  • Creativity – foster creativity to provide continuous improvement.
  •  Embrace Innovation – we are always open to all possibilities by operating differently to improve our services constantly
  • Collaborative Teamwork – We encourage the diversity of thoughts, background and experiences by working together across boundaries and borders.

The human capital is a strategic source of value creation and the most important asset of all organizations. At Top Pop-Point HR Consultant, we work individually with our clients so that each search strategy is customized and every assignment is addressed and incorporated with the best search practices.  We have established quick, comprehensive and systematic processes for recruitment that ensures the interests of all parties involved.  With strong values, teamwork and background for excellence at hand, we strive to be the best rather than the biggest.

Our goal is to provide unmatched client service and develop long term business relationship.  We take our responsibilities seriously, adhering to a strict code of professional ethics and handling relationships with clients and candidates with discretion and great attention.  Our efforts have made significant influence on businesses, careers and lives of others.

Top Pop-Point HR Consultant is a local firm with roots deeply seeded in the professional recruitment process across the entire segment in the industry.


Our experience provided us growth to expand our recruitment services to all the sectors in the market including Telecom, Engineering, Information Technology, Banking Sector, Accounting & Finance, Oil & Gas, Automotive & Aerospace, Construction, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources and more.


With more than 6 years of service providing efficient recruitment solution to our clients, our ability to serve and the integrity of our work is well known within this sector more than anyone in the industry.


Our recruitment process enables us to thoroughly screen and shortlist the most qualified candidate for every job requirement. They are assessed properly based on their abilities and achievements to ensure they are an ideal match for the job. This enable us to shorten the recruitment process, saving valuable time for both ours. candidates and our clients.


We are a company that believes in technological innovation. Our processes evolve around traditional recruitment methods wrapped around innovative technology to help speed up our recruitment process and lower our service cost.


Top Point HR Consultant has helped thousands of people in successfully establishing their careers through headhunting in UAE. Understanding the nature of our clients business and the requirements for the role and attracting high caliber candidates is what we do best.

We have responsible business strategies to ensure that we are accountable for our actions to our staff, customers and clients.

We recruit a diverse work force and have a high code of conduct and these values are transpired in the way we cater to the needs of our candidates, employees and clients.

We ensure that our staff are given a chance to grow and they in turn spend time in the community giving back and helping people to develop further.


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