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In this ever-increasing competitive environment, Performance reviews and appraisals are considered as very crucial and important especially for maximizing profit and ensuring growth of the organization. Appraisal is an assessment of an individual’s performance using a systematic procedure by measuring performance against different scales like Job understanding & Knowledge, Productivity, Leadership Skills, Dependability, Teamwork, versatility and supervision.

Prevailing working culture in organizations demands a great deal of commitment and effort from their employees who in turn naturally expect more from their organization. Developing more engaging management style in organizations can be a positive step towards meeting such heightened expectations of employees. Participative or engaging management style can be executed in variety of practical ways like Quality circles, Work Teams, and by regular performance appraisals.

Top Point Consultant has is assisting its client organizations in performance appraisals and performance reviews. Performance reviews helps the organizations to identify the improvement areas and issues in productivity of an employee. Top Point Consultant provides Quality trainings according to the needs of an organization by firstly reviewing the performance. After identifying the target areas of improvement, Top Point Consultant organizes trainings for the employees of client organization. Exceptionally expert professional trainers in Top Point Consultant’s pool provide incredibly outstanding trainings with the aim to boost the productivity of the individuals.

Top Point Consultant’s performance appraisal and review not only confines the past performance but also assesses the future performance potential in an employee. It is of vital importance for employees to be aware of their goals and way out for achieving them via matching their abilities. Top Point Consultant provides incredibly efficient performance appraisals and reviews way outs to its client organizations depending on organizational structure and requirements.

    Purpose (Services)

    Purpose of Performance Appraisal

    Performance Appraisal is seen as an intrinsic area of an HR Manager’s job role. It helps organization in improving performance and will ultimately leads to the effectiveness of HR department’s role. Aim of performance management is to inculcate skills, commitment, and competency of performing a particular job in employees for achieving defined goals in a company’s framework.

      Let us tell you Why Performance Appraisal is Important!

      Performance appraisal and review are conducted to have a clear view of an employee’s worth in an organization. Performance appraisal is not a one-time job but it is conducted continuously on regular predefined intervals.

      Performance appraisal serves multiple purposes such as;

      Continues Feedback

      Earlier, feedback used to be limited fairly. Employees used to receive feedback in their annual meetings regarding performance review. Employees were judged formally and they were appraised on their performance throughout the year. It was quiet an uncomfortable, unproductive and strained feedback exchange.
      If delivered promptly and regularly, feedback is more productive and effective.

      Promotes Collaborative Communication and Teamwork

      Promoting an environment where employees are working as a team and a family is often a concerning area for HR Managers. Such an environment is helpful for business growth as it leads to collaborative communication in the organization improving collaboration.

      Ensures SMART Goals Achievement

      In performance appraisal, goal-setting remains a prime focus. It is critical for employees to know what the organization actually wants from them. When employees are not entirely certain about their goals, there are not as productive as they are required to.

      Offers Continuous Support

      Providing continuous support to employees has become now trending in the performance management perspective of organizations. Mental health issues like anxiety, stress, and depression directly affect an employee’s performance. Organizations are required to be more proactive in putting measures through a performance management system in place. This ensures a clear view of the wellness and health status of their employees.

      Identifies Area for Development

      Performance Management has another job of managing talent as well. It’s a great practice to have development plans about employees. Development plans helps the managers to get the employee’s performance improved which will ultimately improve organizational performance.

      Offers Rewards and Recognition

      Employee engagement is a trending concern of HR professionals. Employee engagement can simply be achieved by recognizing the efforts of employees and rewarding them accordingly. This will boost their morale and they will be more engaged.

      Provides Clear Career Path:

      When it comes to retaining employees, providing a clear route to a progressive career is of vital importance.  An excellent performance management system motivates the management to discuss and provide a clear and progressive career path to their employees.

      Takes Corrective Actions:

      A well-managed and efficient PMS system allows the Managers to intervene at an early stage to review the performance of any employee. This will ensure timely addressing of issues of employees before things get out of control. Employees with poor performance cause a serious impact on the overall organization’s performance.

      Why Choose? (Services)

      Why Choose Top Point Consultant’s Performance Management System?

      Progressive Instant Feedbacks

      Top Point Consultant’s performance management outsourcing solutions brings progressive instant constructive feedback solutions to improve productivity in its client organizations

      Real-time Collaborative Communication

      Top Point Consultant offers different tools like Slack for capacity building for real-time collaborative communication, along with the different exercises and customized training on team-building. These exercises promote a sense of team spirit and togetherness which has fruitful outcomes for the organization.

      Smart Performance Management Solutions

      Top Point’s smart performance management solutions for achieving SMART organizational goals are exclusively customized to provide employees with a clear direction so that they can surpass the productivity expectations of the organization.

      Endless Support

      Top Point equips its Client organizations with the best efficient systems for management of performance to look deeply at an individual’s health & mind state. Sound Mental health and well-being of employee brings productivity to the organization.  With an aim to ensure productivity for our client’s organizations, Top Point Consultant renders exclusively efficient TPM services.

      On-time Performance review 

      Top Point’s performance management is you all in one solution for reviewing, identifying, and arranging a dedicated development plan for your resource. Top Point offers a variety of skill set training and equips your resource with extraordinary skills to perform their job in a productive manner.

      Progressive Rewards & Recognitions

      Top Point equips its client with the best performance management system so that every employee gets recognition for their efforts and qualifies for the rewards. Culture of reward and recognition in an organization is the best practice to retain the human resource.

      A Growing Career Path

      Top Point’s exclusively designed performance management system offers comprehensive career progression solutions to the managers. By monitoring the performance of the employees, managers get the ease to identify the skills of a particular employee. This will provide a better and clear view of the strengths and weaknesses of an employee and will help to design a career path for the employee.

      On-time Performance Monitoring

      Top Point’s dynamic and versatile PMS solutions boost the client’s organization’s output by allowing our clients to take timely corrective actions against non-performing employees. The best part is, we offer complete support in identifying the root cause and proposed solution.