Recruitment Outsourcing Services(ROS)

Top Point Consultant is the leading on-demand software solutions and HR service provider for businesses who want their culture, business, and process-oriented HRM provider that offers more functionality and service at a price less than what national providers charge.

ROS (Services)

Recruitment & Headhunting Services

Why Choose Us?

ROS by Top Point HR Consultant provides more than high quality, cost-effective and robust workforce management solutions. For unmatched exclusively designed, best quality and cost-effective services, Top Point HR Consultant has become a standard.

High quality and effective hiring.

Improved & attractive employer brand.

Consistent HRM & Recruitment Process.

Controlled and visible costs.

The structure to support your business.


There are many reasons why businesses need Top Point Consultant headhunting services such as;

Recruitment is too expensive.

Recruitment takes too long.

We can’t find the desired, expected & right people.

We have got a rapid growth coming and don’t have people to handle it.

Our systems are a mess and it’s starting to affect how we recruit.

We have tried agencies, we have tried in house, and neither is working well. We are not sure what the problem is and we think we have tried everything, but surely we can do better than this?

And more depending on the client’s business nature, size, and modules of management approaches.

RSOF (Services)

Recruitment & Staff OS. Flow chart

Requisition & Sourcing Candidates

Job Description including Required Skills, Knowledge and abilities with responsibilities and compensation structure;

Internal Database (100 million+ profile), Referrals, Social Media, Job Boards partnerships, in person messages and others

Screening & Testing Candidates

Based on Client’s Requirements we;

  • Identify KPI’s,
  • Screen resumes/ CV’s
  • Develop & conduct Non-Technical and Technical Tests, Questionnaires and evaluation criteria’s.

Interviewing & Shortlisting

Our Recruitment consultants conducts initial interviews (Non-Technical & Technical) after thorough evaluations of the tests and questionnaires to shortlist accurate, up to the mark quality candidates:

  • Having All the required (KSA’s/ KPI’s)
  • Within the client budget and
  • Ready for interview

Selection, Onboarding & Documentations

HRWI share the shortlisted pools with client hiring wings and client follows their preferred way to conduct evaluations tests, interviews. Upon selection HRWI/ Client Document the selected candidates to be on boarded Medical, Benefits and Payroll management.

Relevant Experience

HRM Solutions by Top Point HR Consultant provides more than a high quality, cost-effective and robust workforce management solutions. What stands us apart from agencies is the legacy we leave behind. From Top Point HR Consultant, clients can expect as standard.

Benefits (Services)

Benefits of Top Point HR Consultant RPO

Our costs are lower, we find better people and we engage with the talent community more effectively.

Our flexible and scalable RPO methodologies use Lean Manufacturing principles to find better quality candidates more efficiently, more cheaply, and more effectively than typical hiring methods.

The major benefit, though, is that you don’t have to find the answers yourself, you don’t have to recruit a team to carry out changes, you don’t have to keep them motivated and you don’t have to keep analyzing recruitment to see where more improvements can be made. This is built into our way of working.

Recruitment is complex and touches every area of the business. Get it right and the upside is enormous. Get it wrong and everyone suffers. Top Point HR Consultant has extensive experience in sorting out the most complex problems around recruitment and will be able to solve pretty much any combination of problems quickly and simply, without impacting on business as usual.