What we do!

Top Point Consultant acts as a human resource department for companies providing strategies for managing human capital , controlling payrolls and conduct evaluations. It is equally proficient in project development. The guiding principles are to share responsibility for the creation of human capital wit the business, entrepreneurship and the public sectors. The key strengths are it’s experts in human resource management.

HRM Consultancy

Payroll Management

IT Consultancy Services



SP (Services)

Services Portfolio

Top Point Consultant provides full service human resources solutions for businesses. We roll up our sleeves and become your business HR department, or we advise you on the best solutions for your business – based on what your company needs. Our solutions are always tailored to fit your company’s requirements-even if it means that we handle everything for you.


Documentation & Compensation

Staff & Payroll OS.RPO,

SMR Consultant combines the benefits of payroll outsourcing with web based online access & reporting and running payroll in-house/open house,

Attendance, eLeave & ePayroll System


Attendence reports, Leave reports, Human resource reports, Payroll reports & pay slips Setup, Shift Security, Approvals.

Employer Branding

Job Posting & Database

HRW I Enhanced Job Ads reach your target candidates on hundreds of sites, with just one posting You get instantly up to 40 resumes from our database, higher targeting.

Technical/Non-Technical & Others.


We manage & Deliver recruitment services to our clients by HRWI expert recruitment consultants including Headhunting, JP’s & Data Base Search,

360d, KPI’s & Force D.


Performance Appraisal is a very important & crucial activity for organizations those are looking for growth and profit maximization in increasing competitive environments,