Human resources information systems


Attendance Management (HIRS)

Attendance Management

The time attendance system is all about recording employee clock in and out, calculating hours worked by employees in a given period such as a day, week, month, or year. You can track absenteeism and latecomers. Online Time Attendance Management System will make the employees more responsible by bringing punctuality and consistency in their attendance. The system provides you the report of the employees worked hours and helps you in payroll management. This attendance system allows all employees to view their attendance records as well, they can view how punctual they are, hours worked, upcoming holidays, etc. The interaction with the system helps employees manage time and decrease absenteeism in the office.

Features (HIRS)


Tracks employee attendance from any location, any time, even from the convenience of your home

Overtime, late arrivals & early departure reports

Shift scheduling & rule-based penalties

Built-in multi-user, multi-branch, and multi-location.

A one-window solution, with a complete attendance module and integrated hardware.

Multiple shift support & attendance register.

Department wise shift scheduling & department wise daily attendance report.

Late coming & early going detail.

Employee wise attendance trend.

Department wise attendance & absents summary.

Business Benefits (HIRS)

Business Benefits 

Streamlines the process of time tracking/ workforce tracking.

Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Flexible, tabular & graphical reporting.

Cost-effective & easy to use.

Spend more time working and less time managing.

Centralized system for multiple branches.